Tweet = Full Ride to Graduate School

No seriously it does!  Well at least it does at the University of Iowa.  In fact it’s worth $37,000 – the price of a full scholarship to the university’s graduate business school.  Is that WAC or what!  The university stated that the standard application essays were becoming unoriginal and highly edited.  In other words THEY WERE BORED TO DEATH FROM READING THEM!!!  So they went to twitter for help.  They hoped twitter would enable the students to show their creativity.  Wow!  They actually want them to be creative and original and they are using a social media (TWITTER) to allow them to do that. 

Luckily, the University of Iowa isn’t alone in promoting Twitter: 

  • KFC offers a Colonel’s Scholars grant based on a tweet responding to “tell us in 140 characters why you deserve a 20,000 scholarship” and they received 2,800 applications last year.
  • offers the Short and Tweet Scholarship, which asks applicants to sum up their college experience in a tweet to win $1,000 or a Kindle.
  • The 140 Scholarship, presented by College looks for a tweet highlighting how to use Twitter to improve the world.  The winner receives $1,400, and the first and second runners-up receive $140.

Although the purpose of using tweeting is to make students get to the point quickly and improve their social media skills, getting your point across in just 140-characters is not an easy task.  One Iowa graduate applicant stated she worked on her tweet for five days because she had a hard time simplifying her thoughts.

I read this article in today’s Montgomery Advertiser; however, when I tried to find the article on their website I was unable to do so.  But I did find a link to a similar article on Google:  College offers scholarship for Twitter ‘essay’

This article is a perfect representation of technology being used to encourage and promote creativity in writing.  Students are drawn to technology and use it on a daily basis — it only seems logically for colleges and other companies to use this to their advantage.

7 Responses to “Tweet = Full Ride to Graduate School”
  1. scrapscribe says:

    Absolutely mind-blowing. Wow! I always seem to come to haiku when I think of twitter. Now, let me say I hate twitter for the fact that people use it to further idolize celebrities or just tweet abotu everything in their lives 24/7. BUT, the character limit and the devices you must employ to be effective in that short of a character limit is what truly impresses me. I love writing haiku because of the syllabic restriction. It forces your mind to think in different ways. I can see how Iowa could think horizontally like this for twitter too. So cool!

  2. WOW! I love the idea of students writing 140 characters or less to explain ANYTHING! It would help them focus, be concise, and work on the main ideas. It’s like the six word sentences. I’m soooo going to used this in classes I teach.

    • I also think it is a good way to force students to be concise and stay focused. I try to do that by requiring them to start out writing paragraphs that consist of only about seven (7) sentences. However, this would be a better method because it allows them to use Twitter which I am sure half of them already do and wouldn’t consider it to be homework 🙂

  3. christyg says:

    This is fantastic. I’m right on board with Sarah…I want to use this idea in my classroom. It’s funny that you posted this because I just saw a contest called “Harry Potter in a Tweet.” If you come up with a tweet that summarizes Harry Potter in 140 characters and hashtag it HarryPotterinaTweet, then you will be entered in a contest to win a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I love this. Thanks for sharing!

    • I am sure that the Harry Potter contest has gotten many Tweets already. My daughter is going to see the movie tomorrow, considering it isn’t sold out. I am going to tell her about the contest and see if she would like to submit a Tweet. She has seen all of the movies, but I am trying to get her to read the books. I think she would appreciate the story better if she read the books — the movies tend to leave a lot of things out. So far I have not been successful in that department. But she still has an advantage over me because I think I have only watched one of the movies. I know, I know I really need to get with the program and maybe when I get some free time (which may never happen) I will sit down and watch them all from beginning to end.

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