Are You Open for Change?


 I am so glad that Dr. Woodworth reneged on her promise not to give us any more “lengthy reading assignments.”  My mind is just wide OPEN to Creative Commons.  I loved this article.  Below are some quotes from various people in the article that stood out to me.

“I wondered if I set things free what people would do with them.  Artists need some basic protections and need to be reimbursed for the use of their music commercially, but I really can’t imagine needing any more protection beyond that. I can’t see going after a fan who enjoys your work enough to share and remix it. That doesn’t seem to make  sense.” (Yunyu, 14)

Collaboration like this is critical, Vadim says.OGS is all about collaboration, writing the songs with people we meet on our journeys around the world. Music is a conversation, between creators and listeners, each bringing their own experiences to the melting pot.” (15)

Fans have taken advantage of the show’s CC licensing by uploading and sharing episodes with friends, as well as making remixes that Diaz and Woolf have used to promote the program. “We had mashups that provided us with content for many months, instead of having to create promos ourselves,” Woolf says. “It was an amazing way to involve the audience in supporting us.” (19)

 ” . . .the free promotes the print.” says Frances Pinter, the publisher at Bloomsbury Academic. (20)

 Indaba’s 540,000 users from 200 countries have proven that, when given the right tools, freedom can expand creativity. In late 2010, alternative rock band Marcy Playground licensed all of the components of every track from its last album, “Leaving Wonderland … In a Fit of Rage,” under a Creative Commons license, a maneuver that yielded enough content to create a second album – called “Indaba Remixes from Wonderland” – with tracks remixed by Indaba users. In keeping with the spirit of sharing and collaboration, all of the contributors on the album will be paid royalties. (21)

 As a result, Smith is able to focus on what he does best: making music. Smith is currently working on an album-length collection of tracks – one song at a time – as free MP3 downloads. It’s truly an album of the times: called the “social media project,” each track is a collaboration with someone Smith met through Facebook or Twitter. “CC is a smart way to go for any artist. Why would anyone want to go around suing their fans?  I’m quite happy for people to do what they like with my music. I want it to be heard.” (22)

 “I love building things that inspire people to be creative,” Lawver says. (28)

 “We want to see what people come up with,” Lee says. “We want to take a look at what people are doing and allow for that in our production strategy.” Fans have remixed UI’s different artist profiles in creative ways, giving Lee inspiration that she incorporates into her own content creation.  “We want to be able to partner with as many people as possible.” (30)

 But what drove a high-earning hedge fund guy to drop his day job and just make YouTube videos? “I got a letter from a student one day,” Khan says. “He was from a poor family with no college graduates and hated math. Then he found the Khan Academy videos and watched them all summer before his placement exam, and got every question right. That had never happened before at this community college, and he ended up an honors student. That was what made me quit my job.” (35)

 “I’d like to live in a world where knowledge can grow and be built upon by many. Creative Commons creates the infrastructure to make this information sharing possible.” Jack HERRICK / WIKIHOW (43)

 “With Creative Commons, the act of creation becomes not the end, but the beginning of a creative process that links complete strangers together in collaboration. It’s a deeply satisfying and beautiful vision of what art and culture can be.”  Jonathan Coulton / MUSICIAN (43)

 “Our culture cannot expand and develop without people willing to share their work with each other and build on each others’ greatness. The use of Creative Commons licensing presents the best way for creative people to share work with each other and through that sharing make the world better for us all. We’re lucky that Creative Commons exists and I’m proud that we’ve supported the group’s work over these many years.”  Chris DIBONA/ GOOGLE (44)

 “Creative Commons advances disruptive innovation by increasing information sharing, access and collaboration.  Information and resources need to roam free to fertile minds to take them to the next level. They have that home in Creative Commons.”  Sharon TERRY / GENETIC ALLIANCE(44)

I am so happy that there are people out there who are not willing to put their work out there for all to enjoy.  They are truly spreading the wealth of knowledge they have obtained.  Some of the quotes above speak about how the artist gained inspiration and other creative ideas once they put their work on CC.  Some even collaborated with CC viewers and came up with remixes and mashups.  What was really amazing to me was that those viewers who are now collaborators receive royalties also.  I think that we can do so many things on so many levels when we work together.  I have no objections to someone adding to or taking away from my work to make it better. 

 I am reminded of our various blog posts.  For example, posted about teachers being surprised about students responding better to writing  assignments that appealed to their interests.  I then commenting that my ideal writing assignment would be about shoe shopping.  She then came back and said something about basket weaving which was commented on by someone else who is a basket weaver got in on the conversation and started talking about those who use metal nails are cheating.  Well, I know nothing about basket weaving but because of that one blog post about teachers and students being able to write about what interests them we were able to teach others and learn from each other.  I think that is the premise behind CC teaching others and learning from others.  Putting ideas out there and seeing how far they go and how much they grow.  Collaboration is the key and that is so WAC.

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  1. I think you hit on EXACTLY what makes CC-licensing so appealing: people can share, remix, and make better, and not have to worry about royalties getting in the way of ideas.

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