Okay, you will never guess what just happened to me.  I was typing a post on my Read and Write page.  I was trying to get caught up on my missed assignments.  Anyway, I was typing directly into my blog page and when I went to go do a spellcheck it just began buffering and buffering and buffering but nothing never happened.  so I clicked on publish and the same thing happened.  I should have known then that something was wrong and I should have cut and pasted  my work in a Word document but did I do that?  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I stupidly hit the publish key several times and then proceeded to exit out of the page and go to my Read and Write page to view my new post.  Guess what happened?  Yeah you guessed it — ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!  Nothing was there.  It did not save it.  I tried to go to the dashboard in hopes that it was saved as a draft or something but nothing.  Then I went back to the page to do an edit and WAHHLAHHH I had an autosave of the post — or so I thought!  Turns out it only autosaved the first four or five lines which were of little significance considering they were just letting you all know why I was just getting around to posting about the readings that were assigned at the beginning of the semester. 

I am so frustrated now, but all I can hear is Dr. Woodworth saying “Save, save, save.  Save everything.”  Now I know why she said this.  From now on I am typing everything in Word and then copying and pasting it into my blog.  Now I must go and try to remember all the witty but wacky things I had in the first post.  Wish me luck!

Sorry about the rambling.  I know that I made no sense at times, but I just had to get that out.  Unfortunately, my fingers don’t move as fast as I can talk.  Ohhhhh, how I love technology.  Not really:-)

6 Responses to “SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!”
  1. thinkingwac says:

    Ahhh, technology is the bane of countless writers, I bet. I’ve lost probably three flashdrives in the past year and a half, one which was corrupted thanks to a Mac computer. I back up everything I write or save often.

    I wouldn’t mind doing it the old-fashioned way: pen and paper. Most reliable technology ever!

    • Funny how pen and paper is now considered “old-fashioned.” I wonder what will be old-fashioned and out-of-date by the time my four year old son gets to college? What new technology will be available to him that will be totally foreign to me? Whatever it is — I will be sure to tell him to backup everything he does or save it somewhere!

  2. harmony5321 says:

    Except that it’s so much easier to edit papers with technology! I would be sunk if I didn’t have Word!

    I hate it when I lose something, though. Technology, the modern-day two-edged sword. It helps you to no end, but if you aren’t carful it’ll come back around and really hurt! But, that reminds me to go get my flash-drive….

    ….Before something unthinkable and catastrophic happens….

    • You’re right about the editing advantage. I use it often myself. It’s just extremely frustrating when you get something totally finished and then have to start all over again. I still have not completed that post! But I am going to get it done today because I have more pressing things to be worrying about (Case Study).

  3. Valley Girl says:

    You are so right about saving! At first, I was very good and wrote everything in Word first and copied it onto my blog as posts. It was slower, but I have a copy of each of those posts on my hard drive. Well, the more I got into blogging, the more I have started to just blog right from the editing page, and well, yes, it happened to me, too! One little unconscious stroke of my thumb seems to erase paragraphs of writing! I will never be able to get them back. It’s hard. It’s horrible.

    My mom is still experimenting with her computer. She spent 3 hours the other day on a letter to her friends back in California and somehow saved a blank page. All her work is gone. She was almost sick with grief. I felt like Dr. Woodworth when I heard myself tell my mom, “Save, save, save!”

    • OMG! My heart goes out to your mother. I can just imagine how she felt — well really I don’t have to imagine because I know just how she felt. I still have not finished that particular blog post. It is so hard to remember all of the things I had written. I am now typing things in word first and then pasting them into my blog. I don’t think I could handle another fiasco 🙂

      Tell your mother not to get discouraged. I commend her for even attempting to use technology. Once she gets the hang of it, she will love it and use it every chance she gets. Unlike my mother who only uses her computer to play solitaire!

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