Until We Write Again . . .

                                                                                 I have this circle of blog friends;         Who mean the world to me;         Some days I “write” and “write,”         And other days, I let them be. When I see each name download; I view the message they’ve sent; I know they’ve thought of me that day, And “well wishes” were … Continue reading


I just could not wait to get home and blog about our presentations today.  They were great.  I learned so much and was so inspired by what my fellow classmates did.  I don’t believe that I have laughed so much in a long, long, long time.  Our class meeting today was very therapeutic.  I love … Continue reading

Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

 Has anyone ever heard of RAWAC?  Well, I didn’t until I read an article titled “Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum.”  This article talked about how the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers are trying to refocus the attention on RAWAC through the CCSS (Common Core State Standards).  As of … Continue reading

Charles Dickens: Reality TV

When I saw the title of this article, I immediately thought of Dr. Woodworth and her Charles Dickens’ class.  It is also a perfect example of a teacher using non-traditional methods to reach his students.  The article outlines how a high school English teacher, Joe Bucolo, has used reality TV to teach Charles Dickens’s Great … Continue reading

Random Thoughts

Last night I was up until 1 am putting the finishing touches on my Case Study about WID at LaGuardia.  You should really check it out.  Well, when I finally got into bed, I could not stop thinking about my post and all the things I had learned in doing it.  My mind was bombarded … Continue reading

Tweet = Full Ride to Graduate School

No seriously it does!  Well at least it does at the University of Iowa.  In fact it’s worth $37,000 – the price of a full scholarship to the university’s graduate business school.  Is that WAC or what!  The university stated that the standard application essays were becoming unoriginal and highly edited.  In other words THEY … Continue reading

The truth about IM

Last week for our out of class reading I happened to run across an interesting article in my May edition of RTE (Research in the Teaching of English).  The article is titled “Young People’s Everyday Literacies:  The Language Feature of Instant Messaging.”  I know, I know, instant messaging is so yesterday, but the study that … Continue reading


Okay, you will never guess what just happened to me.  I was typing a post on my Read and Write page.  I was trying to get caught up on my missed assignments.  Anyway, I was typing directly into my blog page and when I went to go do a spellcheck it just began buffering and buffering and … Continue reading

Are You Open for Change?

THE POWER OF OPEN  I am so glad that Dr. Woodworth reneged on her promise not to give us any more “lengthy reading assignments.”  My mind is just wide OPEN to Creative Commons.  I loved this article.  Below are some quotes from various people in the article that stood out to me. “I wondered if … Continue reading

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

I apologize for not getting this posted on yesterday.  I was so caught up in getting WACY and all that I forgot about our assigned reading, The Ecstasy of Influence:  A Plagiarism by Jonathan Lethem. As I was reading the article and all about Nabokov (never heard of him), Muddy Waters, Shakespeare, and T.S. Elliot, I … Continue reading

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